Girls Sold for Sex Online

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Megan said her pimp posted the provocative photos on She had never heard of the site before and did not know how to use it, but after two months, she said, she started posting the ads for herself.

“I learned how to like, write the captions, I learned how to take the pictures,” she explained. “I learned how to pay for the ad and everything, and it turned to be very, very simple.”

“Nightline” obtained several of Megan’s old ads, where she was listed as 19 and photographed in lingerie.  Megan said the ads were typically posted three times a day; they cost $10 each and she said payment was made with an untraceable pre-paid Visa gift card that she purchased at the grocery store.

Megan said once an ad went up, the phone rang off the hook. She’d perform up to 20 or more tricks a night.


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