Mom Confuses Son As Brother Years After Dad Allegedly Impregnates Her

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tiara Stevens and her son are tight like many single moms and their boys, but their lives are more tightly intertwined than almost any pair could be. It’s already a complex and universally delicate relationship.

“That confuses me a lot,” said Stevens. “It’s like, ‘Which one are you today? Are you my son, or are you my brother?’ Because he really is both.”

And he really is both, according to paternity tests. She was 12 when she says her father got her pregnant in an act that, at the time, had become brutally routine.

“He never told me what he was doing,” said Stevens. “It was just late at night. He would come in, take my clothes off, and he would have sex. And he would leave and he would say, ‘You better not stay up all night,’ and I would go in the bathroom and I would cry. The next night he may not do it, but the next night, he would repeat the same thing.”

One night, that painful ritual changed the course of a family’s geneology, and it changed Stevens’ life as well. She didn’t realize she was carrying a baby until days before she went into labor.


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