Fornication Night at MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Notice how Miley Cyrus used teddy bears on stage. This is no accident. The Satanists who run Hollywood purposely plant them there as a subliminal way to spread the evil spirit of fornication and sex slavery to our youth…


The much anticipated MTV Video Music Awards were held on Sunday night in Brooklyn and crowds of screaming fans were not left disappointed, with costumes and controversy offered up in equal measure.

Setting the tone for the night, the show was opened by Lady Gaga who performed her new single “Applause” in a series of outfits ranging from a square nun’s habit to a bikini thong. Her appearance was a little tame by Gaga standards, with no meat-suits or gun-bras to be seen.

Taking over the role of ‘most shocking act’ was Miley Cyrus (pictured above). The former Disney Channel actress, who took to the stage with dancing teddy bears before stripping off to a nude bikini where she ‘twerked’ to her new song “We can’t stop”. Cyrus’ previous good-girl image was finally put to rest when she appeared to give co-singer Robin Thicke a lap dance and made lewd gestures with a foam hand.

The raunchy performance certainly seemed to shock many members of the public and seconds later the talk of Twitter was this photo, claiming to show actor Will Smith and his family reacting to the performance.


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