Swedish Boarding School Hazing: Student “kicked so hard that his anus split”

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Swedish authorities shut down the elite Swedish boarding school Lundsbergs this  week, following multiple disturbing reports of an  institutionalized culture of hazing.


Lundsbergs was closed in order to insure the safety of its 200 male and  female students after “nine older students burned two younger students with a hot iron  as part of a new semester initiation ritual,” the Associated Press  reports.

This is far from the first instance of reported hazing at the school, as over  the past few years students have come forward with stories about being forced to  eat manure, fight other students for entertainment, and generally act as  servants to older students.

Last year, one former student told Swedish television that he suffered  hearing loss after having a rifle shot too close to his ear and was “kicked  so hard that his anus split,” according to The Local, a Swedish news  website.

Another student has spoken about how — after some alleged infraction — “some of the older  students acquired electric fly swatters following an excursion to Ikea which  they subsequently used to burn the boy’s nipples with as punishment,” also  according to The Local.

Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/hazing-elite-swedish-boarding-schools-2013-8#ixzz2dYbnm5if

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