May 2012: Mexican Drug lord arrested for beheading and dismembering 49 people dumped by road

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Mexican soldiers have arrested the leader of a  drug cartel for the massacre of 49 people whose corpses were decapitated,  dismembered and dumped on a highway last week.

Leader of the Zetas drug cartel Daniel Elizondo, also  known as ‘El Loco’ or ‘The Madman,’ was detained in the northern state of Nuevo  Leon, an army spokesman confirmed yesterday.

Alleged  perpetrator Elizondo headed the Zetas  trafficking operations in the town of Cadereyta, close to where the bodies were dumped.

As the bodies lacked heads, hands and feet, police said they could only identify them using DNA, yet a week later none of the victims have been identified, investigators said.

A video that allegedly shows the men dumping the bodies was also posted on the internet.

In the film, men can be seen pulling a large pile of corpses from a truck onto the road during the night.

Among the worst incidents, 18 people were  decapitated near the city of Guadalajara and nine victims were hanged from a  bridge in the city of Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas.

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