January 16, 2013: Gynecologist Rapes Patients, Faces Up to 15 yrs

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A longtime Chicago-area gynecologist on trial on charges he sexually assaulted a pregnant patient during a pelvic exam more than a decade ago testified Wednesday that the sex was consensual and that he had lied about it previously to protect his career and marriage.

Bruce Sylvester Smith was charged with criminal sexual assault a month after the Tribune reported in 2010 that he had been allowed to keep his gynecology practice for years despite numerous allegations against him of sexual misconduct involving several former patients.

Testifying in a calm, low voice Wednesday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, Smith, 60, said he was performing a pelvic exam on the alleged victim at Chicago’s Kennedy Medical Service Corp. in August 2002 when she grabbed his hand under the sheet and forced him into a sexual act.

Smith said no words were exchanged but that the patient was looking at him and “moaning.”

“At that point I dropped my pants” and had consensual intercourse with her, Smith told jurors in Judge Clayton Crane’s courtroom.

On cross-examination, Assistant State’s Attorney Annette Milleville ridiculed Smith’s account, asking repeatedly why he didn’t say anything or put a stop to it if the patient had initiated the contact.

“I was curious,” Smith said.



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