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Major slums of Nairobi, Kenya

Major slums of Nairobi, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN)Kenyans marched through Nairobi on Thursday to demand justice for a teen who was allegedly gang raped, and the suspects ordered to cut grass as punishment.

The 16-year-old was allegedly dumped in a sewage ditch after the attack, local human rights groups said.

She later identified three of six suspects, who cut grass at a police station and were freed afterward, according to the groups.

Protesters made their way through downtown to the police chief‘s office to deliver a global petition demanding the arrest of the suspects. They chanted “justice for Liz” and carried placards with the same words.

Men and women waved underwear, and stuck other underwear on the gates of the police chief’s office.

Some danced, beat drums and cried.

Sao Paulo, Brazil (CNN) — João Rodrigo Silva Santos didn’t come home Monday night.

When the former professional footballer’s wife opened the door on her way to work the next morning, she found his severed head on their front step.

The head was inside a backpack, police said. Santos’ eyes and tongue had been gouged out, according to Brazilian media reports.

Player stabbed, referee dismembered over soccer quarrel in Brazil

Now police in Rio de Janeiro are investigating the grisly killing, though they haven’t said who they believe is behind it.

Santos, 35, was a forward for a number of mostly second-tier Rio de Janeiro football teams before retiring and opening a health foods store.

On Wednesday morning, police said they found parts of a man’s body in a river outside the city and were testing the DNA to see whether the remains belong to Santos, TV Record said.

According to local media, Santos’ wife, Geisa Silva, worked for the police in one of Rio’s shantytowns, but as a social worker giving swimming lessons to children, not as a policewoman.

She told investigators she did not know of any threats made against her husband, according to TV Record.

Some of Santos’ relatives and neighbors told O Globo that he didn’t have any enemies and said they didn’t know what could have motivated the attack.

English: I took photo of U.S. Highway 80 in Te...

U.S. Highway 80 in Terrell, TX, with Canon camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(CNN) — Charles Everett Brownlow Jr.’s mother is dead. So is his aunt. The same goes for two of his acquaintances, plus a convenience store worker in his hometown of Terrell, Texas, some 30 miles east of Dallas.

Yet rather than preparing for their funerals, Brownlow is likely planning his defense — from jail.

All five of the deceased died violently, found over a busy and bloody six-hour stretch Monday night within miles of each other in Terrell. As of Tuesday afternoon, the 36-year-old Brownlow faced a single charge of murder, in the death of the Ali‘s Market worker, the only victim it is believed the suspect did not know. But Terrell police Chief Jody Lay made clear that “additional capital murder charges” are anticipated.

“This is a country community, a rural community,” Lay said Tuesday. “People are really close. And this is going to have a really big impact on us.”

The chaos began around 5 p.m. Monday with reports of a gunshot victim. Police arrived to find a dead woman — later determined to be Belinda Walker, Terrell’s 55-year-old aunt — with at least one bullet wound to the head.

About a half hour later, a firefighter noticed that a nearby home was on fire, Lay explained. These flames were quickly extinguished, and authorities found another woman’s body. This was Charles Brownlow‘s house, and the victim was Mary Brownlow, his 61-year-old mother.

(CNN) — Human remains have been found in two separate treatment plants in Los Angeles County, authorities said Monday.

An upper torso of a female, possibly Hispanic, was discovered in a waste treatment plant in Bassett.

It’s believed to be related to remains found Saturday in a water treatment plant in Carson, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Legality of Euthanasia throughout the world

Legality of Euthanasia throughout the world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Belgium, where euthanasia is now legal for people over the age of 18, the government is considering extending it to children — something that no other country has done. The same bill would offer the right to die to adults with early dementia.

Advocates argue that euthanasia for children, with the consent of their parents, is necessary to give families an option in a desperately painful situation. But opponents have questioned whether children can reasonably decide to end their own lives.

Belgium is already a euthanasia pioneer; it legalized the practice for adults in 2002. In the last decade, the number of reported cases per year has risen from 235 deaths in 2003 to 1,432 in 2012, the last year for which statistics are available. Doctors typically give patients a powerful sedative before injecting another drug to stop their heart.

Only a few countries have legalized euthanasia or anything approaching it. In the Netherlands, euthanasia is legal under specific circumstances and for children over the age of 12 with parental consent (there is an understanding that infants, too, can be euthanized, and that doctors will not be prosecuted if they act appropriately).

Both Eyes Dark 6.22

Both Eyes Dark 6.22 (Photo credit: adam coster)

Chinese medical criminals apparently attacked a boy to steal his corneas.

The boy was playing outside his house Saturday evening in the northern province of Shanxi when he was taken, drugged and had his eyes removed, according to Chinese TV reports.

It’s a horrific story, not least from the parents’ perspective:

His parents noticed he was missing and organized a search for the boy. They found him hours after he had disappeared in a nearby field, with a bloody face.

His father told a Chinese news agency that at first, he thought the boy had fallen and hurt himself.

“He had blood all over his face. His eyelids were turned inside out. And inside, his eyeballs were not there…”

A Georgia woman is searching for answers after her 24 year-old son was found dead in Death Valley, California with several of his internal organs missing.

Iris Flowers’ son Ryan Singleton (pictured) had left Atlanta back in July to pursue his dream to become a Hollywood actor. Sadly, the dream was cut short when he went missing during a trip to Las Vegas and eventually was found dead by joggers on September 21, in the desert near Baker, Calif.

Soon after, Flowers received the heart-breaking phone call about her son’s body being discovered by local authorities, along with the strange details that his organs were missing.

“There were no organs,” Flowers told FOX 5 Atlanta. “He said, ‘Ma’am, there were no eyes, there was no heart, there were no lungs, there was no liver, there were no kidneys.”