Mom and 4 Kids Hacked to Death With Meat Cleaver

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

(CNN) — A mother and four children have been stabbed to death in a Brooklyn apartment, and a cousin of the slain woman’s husband has been charged with killing them, New York police said Sunday.

Mingdong Chen had been staying with the family for about a week before the Saturday night horror unfolded in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, Officer Sophia Tassy-Mason said. The 25-year-old been charged with one count of first-degree murder and four counts of second-degree murder, as well as criminal possession of a weapon, Tassy-Mason said.

 A comment below article says:

“The husband and father, though not reported here, came home from work to this nightmarish horror last night…Subdued and arrested at the scene, the 25-year-old suspect Ming Dong Chen has been preliminarily identified as the father’s mentally troubled older cousin, who had been ‘bouncing around’ from place to place and was out of work.
He had been staying at the family’s apartment for about a week and allegedly became angry when the mother of the home tried to kick him out.
He was soaked in their blood.”

NEW YORK  – A New York woman and her four young children were hacked to death with a meat cleaver in their Brooklyn home, and the father’s cousin was charged with their murders on Sunday, the New York Police Department said.

Responding to an emergency call on Saturday night, police found two boys, two girls and their mother with multiple wounds at their home in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood.

Ming Dong Chen, the 25-year-old cousin of the children’s father, was at the home and was taken into custody. He was charged with five counts of murder, criminal possession of a weapon and assaulting a police officer, a police spokesman said.


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