Pray That Online Bulying Stops: Another Bullied Girl Hangs Herself

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

A bullied schoolgirl who was found hanged wrote a ­heart-breaking poem  about her torment before she died.

Izzy Dix, 14, told how she was “drowning in a sea of emotions” as she  struggled to deal with vile taunts from other pupils and cruel online jibes –  some on controversial website

The final straw came when she was snubbed by youngsters at a music festival.  She fled home in tears and wrote the harrowing poem, called I Give Up.

One line read: “Another piece of me chiselled away by their cruel remarks and  perceptions.”

Devastated mum Gabbi told how she spent hours trying to console her daughter  after the festival and looking at ways to deal with the problem.

And she made the poem public to show the anguish and pain bullying can  cause.

Gabbi added: “I know this may be uncomfortable for people to read but this is  what was going on in my daughter’s life before she died. In her own words, this  is how she was feeling.

“I want young people to think about the potential impact of their behaviour  before they act.

“We all need to be motivated by love and kindness, not nastiness and  hate.” [Amen!]

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