Transsexual asks Church to approve marriage

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

A woman who was born a man and her husband have written to an Italian cardinal to ask the Catholic Church to officially recognize their marriage, four years after they were controversially wedded in a church in Piagge in the central Marche region.

Sandra Alvino, a male-to-female transsexual and her husband Fortunato Talotta, were married in 2009 by priest Alessandro Santoro, in spite of a letter from the Archbishop of Florence saying that the marriage could not take place in church.

On Sunday it was reported that the couple and the priest who married them have sent a letter to Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, the Archbishop of Florence, to ask the Catholic Church to officially recognize their marriage.

“We are here after four years to remember and renew the blessing that we experienced back then, and your words as bishop came to mind that considered, and still consider today, this act as ‘devoid of all value and validity’”, reads the letter, quoted by Corriere della Sera.

“Once again, and this time openly and publicly, we ask you to start a dialogue and, as a Church for the Holy Synod, to tackle this particular question of how to give dignity of true acceptance in the church to the different and various loving relationships.”


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