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English: Map of the districts of Mashonaland W...

English: Map of the districts of Mashonaland West province of Zimbabwe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 36-YEAR-OLD Karoi taxi driver was allegedly murdered and fed to the  lions by carjackers who dumped his body in a lion-infested game park  where it was devoured by the wild animals, which only left his  blood-stained shredded clothes.

The incident that sent chills within the commuting public in  Mashonaland West province occurred on March 11, 2011, in the Chirundu  area where the victim, Alneshto Bayeta, was based.

Tafadzwa Watson  Mapfoche, 21, and Thinkwell Zaranyika, 22, allegedly confessed to police  to killing Bayeta by throwing him down the steep slopes of the  Marongora Heights after robbing him of his vehicle, a Nissan March.

Mapfoche and Zaranyika were arrested by police three weeks later and  the vehicle was later recovered at a farm in Mhangura, but it had been  stripped of some parts.

On the fateful day, Bayeta was pirating in Leonard Mhundwa’s vehicle  when the two men hired him from Karoi to ferry them to an unknown  destination.

It is alleged when they got to the Marongora Heights in the Chirundu  area, Mapfoche and Zaranyika forced Bayeta out of his vehicle, killed  him and dumped his body in a lion-infested game park where it was later devoured by the beasts.  Efforts to recover Bayeta’s body by the police in conjunction with  officials from National Parks proved fruitless.,%20fed%20to%20lions/news.aspx

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JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – A man fed to lions closed his eyes in prayer as his former employer and colleagues attacked him just hours before his grisly death, one of the alleged murderers has told a South African court.

In a racially charged case, three men are standing trial for the murder of 41-year-old farm worker Nelson Chisale. Little more than his skull, shards of bone and a finger were found at an enclosure for rare white lions early last year.

The case has provoked an outcry in South Africa where, a decade after the end of apartheid white rule, some white farmers are still accused of abusing and ploiting black workers. The three defendants have denied the charges.

Former colleague Simon Mathebula told the court his co-accused Richard Mathebula wounded Chisale when he returned to collect his belongings from the farm where he used to work, the South African Press Association (SAPA) reported on Monday.

Then his white employer Mark Scott-Crossley twice kicked a wound he had received in the attack, pointed a gun at Chisale and told him to pray.

“I looked at Nelson at that stage … and I saw him closing his eyes and praying,” SAPA quoted Simon Mathebula as telling the court.

A few hours later the prosecution says Chisale was thrown over the fence of a lion enclosure. A post mortem showed the cause of death as being “mauled by lions”.

November 08, 2013 12:30 am

Jurors in the trial of a Santa Maria man accused of sexually abusing his two goddaughters when they were children heard testimony yesterday that Felix Federico Nicolas Jr. wanted his alleged victims murdered and their remains fed to wild animals.

Charles Chauff testified Thursday that Nicolas, 39, approached him while the pair were incarcerated in 2011 at Santa Barbara County Jail to have the two women killed.

“He told me he needed a favor,” Chauff told jurors. “He said he needed someone taken away so they couldn’t testify against him.”

Deputy District Attorney Kevin Duffy asked the man what answer he gave Nicolas, and he responded, “Twenty thousand.”

“Truthfully, I told him $20,000 so we wouldn’t talk about it anymore, but he kept on it,” Chauff said.

Chauff testified he told law enforcement that Nicolas allegedly approached him about a murder-for-hire plot, and he agreed to wear a wire-tap so police could gather evidence against the man.

Nicolas has been charged with two felony counts of solicitation of murder, which is alleged to have occurred sometime in September 2011, as well as 14 counts of various sex crimes, including rape, sodomy and forced oral copulation, related to the two victims he wanted killed.

Jurors also listened Thursday to parts of a taped conversation between the two men while in jail, where Nicolas can be heard telling Chauff he should lure the women to a motel room and give them tainted drugs to kill them.

“It’s not that hard of a job. Take some battery acid and give them a hot shot,” Nicolas can be heard telling Chauff on the tape. “A little goes a long way.”

Later in the conversation, the men talk about what should be done with the women’s bodies after they are dead. “I don’t care if you have to take them home and feed them to the (expletive) alligators,” Nicolas said. “I don’t care.”

Nicolas is also heard on the tape saying to Chauff that he could also feed the bodies to the sharks and that he didn’t like the idea of dumping the bodies in mountain lion territory because the animals “don’t eat all the bones.”

The alleged sex crimes date back to May 4, 1999, when investigators believe Nicolas sexually assaulted his first victim, who was 9 years old at the time. He was 24.

Prosecutors also allege that between Nov. 25, 2001, and Nov. 24, 2002, Nicolas began assaulting his victim’s 10-year-old sister while continuing to sexually abuse his first victim.

From mid-1999 through the end of November 2002, it’s also alleged Nicolas continued assaulting his first victim, known as Jane Doe 1, who he reportedly raped more than once and also sodomized during the three-year span.

"Province of Reggio Calabria" Map

“Province of Reggio Calabria” Map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Reuters) – A group of Calabrian mafia assassins beat a rival with a spade and fed him alive to pigs, Italian police said after rounding up 20 people for various mob crimes including five murders.

The murder probably took place in March 2012 when Francesco Raccosta disappeared, but his body has never been found, the court in the southern city of Reggio Calabria said in a statement.

Investigators arrested one of Raccosta’s suspected assassins after they captured him bragging about the hit in a telephone wiretap.

It was such a pleasure to hear him scream,” the suspect said. “In my opinion, there’s nothing left of him … This pig can really eat!”

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English: Dominican Republic (orthographic projection). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (CNN) — The welcome message from America’s new top diplomat in the Dominican Republic touched on baseball, culture and trade ties. No surprises there.

But U.S. Ambassador James “Wally” Brewster brought one thing with him this week that’s a first for a male U.S. ambassador in the Caribbean nation: a husband.

“My spouse, Bob, and I have traveled the world, from the far reaches of Asia to the stunning coastlines of southern Europe,” Brewster says in a video introducing himself on the U.S. Embassy‘s website.

Then husband Bob Satawake chimes in: “But we always return to the beauty of the Dominican Republic.”

After months of pressure from religious groups in the Dominican Republic who protested his appointment, Brewster arrived in Santo Domingo this week to begin his tenure as ambassador.

U.S. President Barack Obama praised Brewster’s “knowledge and dedication” when he announced his appointment to the post in June.

The Dominican Republic’s government quickly said it accepted Brewster’s selection.

But some have been less welcoming.

High-profile Catholic Church leaders have decried the new diplomatic appointment as a sign of a lack of respect from Obama.

“He has not considered the particularities of our people. The United States is trying to impose on us marriage between gays and lesbians as well as adoption by these couples,” said Father Luis Rosario, director of youth ministries for the church.

The start of the holiday shopping season Thursday included reports of fights among shoppers at numerous Wal-Marts nationwide, including one man stabbed and two arrested fighting over a parking space at a store in Virginia.

The Tazewell County, Va., sheriff department reports that it arrested Ronnie Sharp, 61, and Christopher Jackson, 35, after responding to a call of a fight in a parking lot of the Wal-Mart (WMT, Fortune 500) in Claypool Hill, Va.

Sharp was allegedly threatening Jackson with a rifle and a knife when sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, according to the police. Jackson was suffering from a severe knife cut on his arm. Both were being held in the county jail early Friday.

Police in Rialto, Calif., said an officer broke his hand and finger trying to break up a fight in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Raymond Rice, 25, was charged with felony assault and assault on a police officer A female relative of Rice, Chennel Smith, was also arrested when she joined the fight after police tried to restrain Rice.

There were also reports and video of fights in Beaumont, Texas; Johnson City, Tenn.; Elkin, N.C.; Garfield, N.J.; and Jordan Creek, Iowa, although the authenticity of those fights could not immediately be confirmed with police in those jurisdictions.

Warning: Of all the demonic news articles we capture, this is one of the few that we want to warn you about in case you or someone in your household is under 18.

 A mother whose baby was raped and died after the attack was charged in Missouri after police say she “encouraged” her boyfriend to assault the infant.

On Monday, horrifying details were released on the arrest of Jessica Lynn Howell, 25, after the rape and murder of her 4-month-old daughter, Ashlynn Lilith Peters on December 3 of last year.

Prosecutors allege the baby was raped and murdered by Howell’s boyfriend Jordan Lafayette Prince, age unavailable, and that Prince had previously been convicted of assaulting a child.

…Prosecutors say the night before the girl was assaulted and killed, Jessica Lynn Peters had taken Ashlynn with her to spend the night at Prince’s home … Evidence includes text messages from the mother consenting to the sexual assault of her daughter by Prince
In those text messages she suggested and encouraged some unspeakable things … It is very, very disturbing.

…Ashlynn was sexually assaulted causing multiple tears to her anus, a massive laceration to her rectum with massive hematoma in the area of the pelvis … The injuries to her anus and rectum of Ashlynn were sufficient to eventually cause her death even without the strangulation.