Methodist Minister Officiates Son’s Gay Wedding, Says ‘Jesus our Lord and Savior never mentioned homosexuality at all’

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

“What is my crime? I blessed two people that loved each other,” Schaefer, 51, told ABC News.

The United Methodist Church has had a 40-year policy on gays that accepts them as members in the church but rejects homosexuality as “incompatible with Christian teaching.” The church’s 1,000-member General Conference last reaffirmed the church’s policy on gays at their last in 2012, according to The Associated Press.

Schaefer has declined the church’s offer to avoid trial by agreeing not to perform another same-sex marriage.

Jesus our Lord and Savior never mentioned homosexuality at all and my point is if it is that important of an issue, why didn’t he mention it?,” Schaefer said.

On Saturday in Philadelphia, nearly 50 ministers participated in a same-sex wedding at a Methodist church as a symbol of support for their colleague, Schaefer, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Schaefer, a pastor for nearly 20 years, has also received support from his local church community. A Facebook page called “Stand With Pastor Frank: Support Equality” has nearly 2,000 likes.

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