Flashback French Revolution: Philippe Egalité, Cousin of King Louis XVI He Betrayed to Guillotine, Also Beheaded

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

The regime that ruled in France was a bourgeois monarchy, presided over by Louis Philippe, whose official title was King of the French—a veiled acknowledgment that the French Revolution and the decapitation of Louis XVI, and later removal of his younger brother, Charles X, had not been entirely in vain. Louis Philippe’s father, the ill-fated Philippe Egalité, was a cousin of Louis XVI who broke with the royal family during the Revolution and actually voted for the king’s execution. However, this did not save him from suspicions that he was, or might become, an instrument of royalist counterrevolution, and Philippe Egalité was guillotined in November 1793. At any rate, his son eventually ascended to the monarchy, but under political and social conditions vastly different to those that had existed prior to 1793.


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