Promiscuous Couples Luring Underage School Girls For Sex With False Promises of Tutoring, Lunch Money. One Mom Paid Hush Money

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


It is becoming a common problem in the tourist capital. A problem no decent mother wants to encounter. The reality at first hits like a hard blow to the stomach for a struggling single mother. Her teenage daughter had been lured into the bedroom of adults for practical lessons in sex.

“The wife lured my daughter into her home by promising to help her with her homework after school, as well as lunch money for school,” the distraught mother told The Sunday Gleaner by telephone.

“In the end, she took her into her bedroom where her husband was waiting and together they told her that she would have to have sex to repay them for their kindness,” added the mother who refused to give her name.

She said when she discovered what had happened to her underage daughter her first response was to confront the couple before reporting the matter to the police. But then she was given an offer she “could not refuse”.

“I am a single mother of four children. I earn minimum wage so although I know that what these people did to my daughter was wrong, I am not going to go to the police because they offered me money for my silence and I already accepted,” said the mother.


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