South Africa: Six South Africans gang-rape 9-month old baby; Dad rapes his own daughter

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Johannesburg- South Africa (PANA) — The shocking gang rape of a nine-month old baby girl allegedly by six men from Upington made headlines across the South African press this week.
Piet van Rooi (39), Jan Mienies (45), John Radebe (24), Frans Mostert (28), Jan van Wyk (66) and Joffie Freeman (22) this week appeared in the Upington Magistrate’s Court on charges of raping the baby.
Pictures of the accused men were published in nearly all the country’s mainstream media, causing more public condemnation of the incident.
The oldest accused was said to be a close relative of the baby, whose mother is herself a child, barely 15.
Dr Heather Mackay, who was so angered by the violent attack on a defenceless baby, initiated an e-mail campaign to lobby President Thabo Mbeki to “do something” about sexual attacks on children.
The response to Mackay’s initiative was astounding, as the e-mail campaign snowballed all week.
As a result, other cases of child rape were elevated to front pages as public outrage grew.
On Tuesday the Pretoria High Court sentenced a 30-year old man to life in prison after he was convicted of raping a seven-year old girl.

The Sunday Times has earlier reported on an appeal against a controversial rape decision handed down by Judge John Foxcroft two years ago.
The case involved a Cape Town father who raped his 14-year old daughter.
Foxcroft sentenced the man to seven years, which many people viewed as too lenient, but the judge argued that because the 54- year old man had limited his nefarious deeds to his family, a longer sentence would have been inappropriate.–13-449113-17-lang4-index.html


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