Sick Child Molester Wanted to Hire Someone to Kill Goddaughter Victims With an Acid-Laced ‘Hot Shot’ and Bodies Torn Apart by Alligators, Sharks (Warning: 18+ Please)

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November 08, 2013 12:30 am

Jurors in the trial of a Santa Maria man accused of sexually abusing his two goddaughters when they were children heard testimony yesterday that Felix Federico Nicolas Jr. wanted his alleged victims murdered and their remains fed to wild animals.

Charles Chauff testified Thursday that Nicolas, 39, approached him while the pair were incarcerated in 2011 at Santa Barbara County Jail to have the two women killed.

“He told me he needed a favor,” Chauff told jurors. “He said he needed someone taken away so they couldn’t testify against him.”

Deputy District Attorney Kevin Duffy asked the man what answer he gave Nicolas, and he responded, “Twenty thousand.”

“Truthfully, I told him $20,000 so we wouldn’t talk about it anymore, but he kept on it,” Chauff said.

Chauff testified he told law enforcement that Nicolas allegedly approached him about a murder-for-hire plot, and he agreed to wear a wire-tap so police could gather evidence against the man.

Nicolas has been charged with two felony counts of solicitation of murder, which is alleged to have occurred sometime in September 2011, as well as 14 counts of various sex crimes, including rape, sodomy and forced oral copulation, related to the two victims he wanted killed.

Jurors also listened Thursday to parts of a taped conversation between the two men while in jail, where Nicolas can be heard telling Chauff he should lure the women to a motel room and give them tainted drugs to kill them.

“It’s not that hard of a job. Take some battery acid and give them a hot shot,” Nicolas can be heard telling Chauff on the tape. “A little goes a long way.”

Later in the conversation, the men talk about what should be done with the women’s bodies after they are dead. “I don’t care if you have to take them home and feed them to the (expletive) alligators,” Nicolas said. “I don’t care.”

Nicolas is also heard on the tape saying to Chauff that he could also feed the bodies to the sharks and that he didn’t like the idea of dumping the bodies in mountain lion territory because the animals “don’t eat all the bones.”

The alleged sex crimes date back to May 4, 1999, when investigators believe Nicolas sexually assaulted his first victim, who was 9 years old at the time. He was 24.

Prosecutors also allege that between Nov. 25, 2001, and Nov. 24, 2002, Nicolas began assaulting his victim’s 10-year-old sister while continuing to sexually abuse his first victim.

From mid-1999 through the end of November 2002, it’s also alleged Nicolas continued assaulting his first victim, known as Jane Doe 1, who he reportedly raped more than once and also sodomized during the three-year span.

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