Taxi Driver is Car-jacked, Murdered and His Body Fed to Lions in Animal Park

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
English: Map of the districts of Mashonaland W...

English: Map of the districts of Mashonaland West province of Zimbabwe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 36-YEAR-OLD Karoi taxi driver was allegedly murdered and fed to the  lions by carjackers who dumped his body in a lion-infested game park  where it was devoured by the wild animals, which only left his  blood-stained shredded clothes.

The incident that sent chills within the commuting public in  Mashonaland West province occurred on March 11, 2011, in the Chirundu  area where the victim, Alneshto Bayeta, was based.

Tafadzwa Watson  Mapfoche, 21, and Thinkwell Zaranyika, 22, allegedly confessed to police  to killing Bayeta by throwing him down the steep slopes of the  Marongora Heights after robbing him of his vehicle, a Nissan March.

Mapfoche and Zaranyika were arrested by police three weeks later and  the vehicle was later recovered at a farm in Mhangura, but it had been  stripped of some parts.

On the fateful day, Bayeta was pirating in Leonard Mhundwa’s vehicle  when the two men hired him from Karoi to ferry them to an unknown  destination.

It is alleged when they got to the Marongora Heights in the Chirundu  area, Mapfoche and Zaranyika forced Bayeta out of his vehicle, killed  him and dumped his body in a lion-infested game park where it was later devoured by the beasts.  Efforts to recover Bayeta’s body by the police in conjunction with  officials from National Parks proved fruitless.,%20fed%20to%20lions/news.aspx


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