McKinney, TX Man Gets 20 Years For Forcing Anal Sex on Women (Some He Lured via Craigslist, Plenty of Fish)

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Two more women have testified that Roger Allen Stulce Jr. forced them to have anal sex multiple times despite their pleas that he stop.

One woman testified that she was sexually assaulted by Stulce in 2008 in McKinney and that he attempted to assault her again in 2009 while she was living in California. The 39-year-old woman said she was afraid of Stulce and sought help from police. She was eventually granted a 10-year restraining order while Stulce served jail time in California. She testified that she was unsure what his charge was.

A second woman testified that she met Stulce through a free online dating site called Plenty of Fish. They chatted over the phone, through texts and online for several weeks before deciding to meet in person.

The woman testified that they met one afternoon in December 2011 at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and then went out to eat at an Italian diner in McKinney. After that, Stulce invited her back to his McKinney apartment. They picked up two horror movies from Red Box.

She said they started making out and moved into the bedroom. There, she testified, he became forceful. “I said, ‘No, no no, stop, you’re hurting me.” She said he responded, saying, “Just be a good little girl and relax.”

The woman said she bit the pillow and cried until it was over. He told her to take a shower. Afterward, he forced her again to have sex, she said. She took another shower. He then showered and took her to the movie theater to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1. He paid for the movie as well as drinks and popcorn, she said.

“I was intimidated,” the woman testified, explaining why she sat through the movie with Stulce and didn’t seek help. “I wasn’t sure what happened to me. I felt overpowered, dominated.”

After the movie, Stulce dropped her off near her home. She said they talked by phone two or three times after that but she never saw him again. She didn’t tell anyone what happened. She said she didn’t go to police until she learned about his arrest last year on the news.

McKinney Police Detective Teresa Lynch testified that she went undercover in March 2012 after police received a complaint about Roger Allen Stulce Jr.

Lynch said she responded to a Craigslist ad about an apartment for rent. She met Stulce at his apartment and discussed terms. She told him she couldn’t afford the $725 a month in rent and said she’d have to try to come up with the money.

They met again the next day, and Lynch testified that she wore a wire with an audio feed as Stulce offered her a deal. She testified that he told her that she could have sex with him for a down payment and then give him oral sex every month. Lynch said she gave her code word and other detectives arrived. Stulce was arrested on a charge of promotion of prostitution. That charge was later dropped by the district attorney’s office.

  1. Carl-John X Veraja says:

    Alcoholics Anonymous is a den of sex predators.

  2. Carl-John X Veraja says:

    Reblogged this on The Freethought Police and commented:
    More good news from Alcoholics Anonymous…

  3. This is a horrible situation. Yes Carl -John X Veraja , I have to agree that Alcoholics Aninymous is a den of sexual predators! This story sounds similar to a report that we got about a man Vince Hudak from Cuyahoga a Falls Ohio. He is a long time member of Alcoholics Anonymous, that was using his long term sobriety status to reach out to vulnerable young girls that were either new to AA, or in Internal Brotherhood Recovery Home in Akron. He stated that he would seek these pretty little young things out at meetings . Then offer them advice and a job cleaning his apartment for $ 40.00, in home to have his way with them _exually. He also publicly admitted to board members of Paradise Recovery Club in Cuyahoga Falls ohio , that he took on a position there as acting President, in hopes to hire pretty little young thing, that are new to AAin holes to
    Seduce them also. He admitted that he had been picking up prostitutes on company time and taking them back to his apartment. He told members of board and AA that he is a sexual predator that has been preying on the members minor children as well. Using pictures of some of them to relieve himself. These AA board members did nothing to stop this from what was reported to us activists.
    There was young girls that did go to his apartment to clean . But left because if his disturbing advances. Sad disturbing what goes on in the AA rooms. Especially alarming that our young are being court mandated there , right along side violent criminals that are also mandated!

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