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(CNN) — A second Maryland woman has been charged with murder in connection  with the Friday stabbing deaths of two children during an exorcism attempt,  authorities said.

Two children died of multiple stab wounds and two others are hospitalized  with undisclosed injuries, police said.

Monifa Denise Sanford, 21, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder  and two counts of attempted first-degree murder, Montgomery County Police  said.

Earlier, authorities announced that the children’s mother, Zakieya L. Avery,  28, also faces the same charges. Police said Saturday that Avery stabbed two of  her children to death and wounded two others while attempting an exorcism.

Sanford was briefly hospitalized after the incident and was charged after she  was released. Police believe she is not related to the family, but lived at the  same residence in Germantown.

Norell Harris, 1, and his sister, Zyana Harris, 2, suffered fatal stab wounds  while their siblings, who are 5 and 8, were hospitalized, authorities said.

“Cases like this are heartbreaking,” county Police Chief Tom Manger said.  “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims.”

Police said they found the four children Friday morning after a neighbor  called 911 to report suspicious activity at the home. The neighbor reported  seeing a car with a door open and a knife next to it.

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(CNN) — A 71-year-old ex-Florida cop stared silently into a closed-circuit camera Tuesday, listening to his defense attorney and a judge go back and forth on whether he should be charged with second-degree murder. Curtis Reeves told Pasco County authorities that he fired his .380 semi-automatic handgun in a movie theater Monday afternoon at a man with whom he’d been arguing because Reeves was upset that the man was texting on his cellphone as previews ran.

The victim, Chad Oulson, 43, was killed and his wife was wounded.

The shooting happened Monday afternoon at the Grove 16 theater in the Tampa suburb of Wesley Chapel just before an afternoon showing of “Lone Survivor,” a film about a Navy SEAL mission.

Reeves was with his wife and sat behind Oulson and his wife, authorities said. Chad Oulson was using his cell phone and Reeves told him to put it away, according to police and witnesses.

The two men began to argue and Reeves walked out of the theater. Police said Reeves was going to complain to a theater employee, according to the police report.

When Reeves returned, witnesses and authorities said that Oulson asked him if he had gone to tell on him for texting. Oulson reportedly said, in effect: I was just sending a message to my young daughter.

Charles Cummings and his adult son were two seats away. Cummings said that when Reeves returned to the theater, there was no manager with him.

“He came back very irritated,” Cummings recalled.

Voices were raised. Oulson threw a bag of popcorn at Reeves, according to a police report. Then, the former police officer took out a .380 semi-automatic handgun and shot Oulson.

(CNN) — In multiple 911 calls shortly before he was killed, a man said he was being chased by an enraged motorist — right up to when he was apparently run off the road in Pennsylvania and then shot to death, police said Friday.

Timothy Davison, 28, was driving home to Maine along Interstate 81 early last Saturday when he was shot multiple times and killed in Antrim Township.

So far, there is no indication that Davison initiated the incident or provoked the shooter, Pennsylvania State Police Capt. Steven Junkin told reporters Friday.

Davison may have first encountered the shooter on Interstate 70 in Maryland and traveled between 13 and 15 miles, with the gunman in pursuit, before being forced off the road just beyond the Pennsylvania state line, authorities said.

Investigators initially believed the same motorist may have been behind another road rage shooting eight hours earlier and 56 miles northeast, but Junkin said Friday that the two crimes do not appear to be related.


New York criminal complaint released Friday at the arraignment of Kryzie King, 27, with whom the 4-year-old had been staying since mid-December, said the boy had burn marks and abrasions on his head, neck, face and testicles. There were bruises and numerous marks made by an object on his abdomen and legs and wrists — bruises consistent with being restrained — lacerations to his fingers, abrasions to his armpit, and bruises and scars on his back. The child appeared malnourished, the complaint said.

Myls suffered “horrific injuries sustained over a period of days,” New York Police Commissioner William Bratton told reporters.

In a statement, King’s attorney, Bryan Konoski, said: “My client is not charged with homicide at this time and she is presumed to be innocent of allegations against her. I would tell everyone not jump to any conclusions at this time.”

Shortly before 11 a.m. on Wednesday, police responding to a 911 call found Myles locked in a bathroom at King’s apartment at The Ritz Plaza, a luxury highrise in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan. He appeared battered, was unconscious and unresponsive on the floor, authorities said.

The child was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital at 1:52 p.m.

King told police that on December 29 she removed a hot rack from an oven with a glove and allegedly placed it against the boy’s right leg, leaving linear burn marks, the complaint said. The next day, she told police, she allegedly struck him about his body five to six times with a belt, leaving bruises and scars.

The complaint said King admitted that from December 30 to January 4 she allegedly tied the boy’s wrists and feet together with shoe laces and gagged him with a piece of cloth. She told police that resulted in scaring on his wrists and ankles. On the day she freed him, the complaint said, King allegedly beat him twelve to thirteen times with a belt.

On Tuesday, during subfreezing temperatures, King told police she allegedly locked the the child, wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, outside on a balcony from 20 minutes to an hour, the complaint said. That same day, she allegedly locked the boy inside a dark bathroom for about three hours.

King told authorities that the boy was “being very difficult eating and that the last full meal he ate was on December 26, 2013; after that he would only pick at his food,” the complaint said. The last time the boy ate or drank anything was on January 3.

Mary Konye, a 21-year old, disguised herself as a Muslim, wearing a veil and following [Naomi Oni] for the attack.  According to police, the Victoria’s Secret lingerie assistant had once called the woman ugly and she was looking for revenge.

When she least expected it, Konye threw sulfuric acid into the woman’s face and in her hair.  She could smell and feel her skin and hair burning, according to what she told the jury.  She ran home and that’s where her family washed the acid off the woman’s face.

The prosecutors claimed that after one fight, Mary told a friend that she was so angry at her that she wanted to throw acid on Naomi.  After the woman left work at the Westfield shopping center in Stratford, East London, at 11:30 pm, that’s when prosecutors say that the Mary waited to find Naomi and threw the acid in her face.  She walked just a few steps behind her before the attack.

“All of a sudden Naomi felt a liquid being thrown into her face. She screamed and felt her face burning. She could smell her skin and hair burning,” the prosecutor said.

Since the attack, Naomi has gotten a skin graft to her face and is nearly blind.  She also has significant scarring.  Konye was arrested a few weeks later.   The case continues in London.

Eight fishermen have been found shot and beheaded in a gruesome attack at sea off the southern Philippines, police said Saturday.

The victims were a group of fishermen who went missing December 26 after being attacked in the Moro Gulf off the island of Mindanao, according to Emirates.

Five headless bodies were first found aboard a boat drifting at sea on Friday by police who were searching for them.

“When we further inspected the boat (on Saturday morning), we discovered more headless bodies beneath the floorboard…. In all, it contained eight bodies,” Senior Inspector and police chief Joel Lozano told reporters.

A shocking incest “cult” has been discovered nestled in the
hills near Sydney, Australia, and the sickening details have
disturbed the entire country. At least 40 adults and children
were discovered living in squalid conditions and suffering from a wide array of
health issues and deformities as a result of massive inbreeding. The “family,”
all of them descendents of a brother and sister who had 13 children four
generations ago, were discovered after people in a nearby town called
authorities to say that children in the hills were not going to school.
Authorities describe the shanty incest town as one of the worst cases of
ever made public.

It was an early winter’s day last year when officers from the NSW Police and Community Services turned up on one of the blocks which lie around 30km out of the town between large established farms and the untamed scrub of old bushranger territory.

They found 40 adults and children living in two filthy caravans, two sheds and tents on an unsewered block with no running water.

Dirt caked the surfaces of stoves and cooking facilities, rotten vegetables lay in a refrigerator and a kangaroo was sleeping on one of the children’s beds.

Exposed electric wires, bags of rubbish and chainsaws lay about.

There were no toilets, showers or baths.

The children were unwashed and wore dirty clothes.

They were shy and made little eye contact.

Few were capable of intelligible speech; almost all had fungal infections in their feet.

Some had oddly-formed features, which scientific tests would later reveal was a result of “homozygosity” or identical gene patterns of both of the children’s parents.

The police and welfare officers were taking in the squalor, the deprivation and the fact some of the children seemed developmentally delayed or cognitively impaired.

What they didn’t realise was the children were the result of intimate relations between brothers and sisters, and uncles and nieces and fathers and daughters. Their family threw back to a set of great-great grandparents who were a brother and sister.

The family compulsion was regenerating itself.

The children were sexually involved with each other and only one, the youngest, a five-year-old girl, had parents who weren’t related.

It was a social time bomb exploding before their eyes.

As one police officer later reportedly told her colleagues, she would never get over it.

Over coming days and weeks, the enormity of what they had uncovered dawned on them.

The five family groups comprised of sisters, Rhonda, 47, Martha, 33, and Betty Colt, 46, who slept every night with her brother, Charlie, and two of Betty’s daughters who each had children who proved to be from unions of related parents.

Taken into care, the children underwent sessions with psychologists.

The tales they told were harrowing.

Kimberly, 13, reported sexual contact with her uncle, Dwayne, who was nine years old while her aunt, Carmen, 8, watched on.

Sisters Ruth, 7, and Nadia, 9, had sexual touching with their brothers Albert, 15, Jed, 14, and Karl, 12.

On one occasion, three brothers aged 14 years and under tied their sister, 8, and niece, 13, naked to a tree.

The accounts of incestuous underage sex fill pages of court documents.