Envious Woman Waits For Woman Who Called Her Ugly to Get Off Work, Pours Acid in Her Face

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Mary Konye, a 21-year old, disguised herself as a Muslim, wearing a veil and following [Naomi Oni] for the attack.  According to police, the Victoria’s Secret lingerie assistant had once called the woman ugly and she was looking for revenge.

When she least expected it, Konye threw sulfuric acid into the woman’s face and in her hair.  She could smell and feel her skin and hair burning, according to what she told the jury.  She ran home and that’s where her family washed the acid off the woman’s face.

The prosecutors claimed that after one fight, Mary told a friend that she was so angry at her that she wanted to throw acid on Naomi.  After the woman left work at the Westfield shopping center in Stratford, East London, at 11:30 pm, that’s when prosecutors say that the Mary waited to find Naomi and threw the acid in her face.  She walked just a few steps behind her before the attack.

“All of a sudden Naomi felt a liquid being thrown into her face. She screamed and felt her face burning. She could smell her skin and hair burning,” the prosecutor said.

Since the attack, Naomi has gotten a skin graft to her face and is nearly blind.  She also has significant scarring.  Konye was arrested a few weeks later.   The case continues in London.


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