Teens Do Retaliatory Prank on Neighbor, But One Prankster Shot in Head and Died Later

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

An Arkansas man is facing first degree murder charges after allegedly gunning down a 15 year old girl in retaliation over a prank.

According to authorities, it all began shortly after 1AM on Saturday night, when Adrian Broadway, 15, and a group of friends covered a car belonging to Willie Noble, 48, with eggs, leaves and mayonnaise.

The prank was the second prank that Broadway and her friends had played on Noble that day, and this time Noble was livid, running out of his home and firing shots at the car being driven by the young pranksters.


After the shots were fired, the teens managed to escape to a local gas station, where they called an ambulance for Broadway, who’d been struck in the head by a bullet. She was taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital but later passed away.

Witnesses say the teens were driving away when Mr. Noble came from inside his home and began firing into the car the teen’s were driving.

It is believed that Noble and her friends were pranking Mr. Noble, who has been charged with first degree murder, in retaliation for a Halloween trick played on them by Noble’s son.


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