Bisexuals Ready to Finance ‘Scientific’ Study to Convince You That Bisexuals Are Normal

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We’ll let you be the judge of the following Popular Science article:


Bisexual folks have an image problem in America. Could science help?

A new feature, published in the New York Times Magazine, follows the efforts of the American Institute of Bisexuality to fund scientific studies on bisexuals. The institute works to combat damaging beliefs about bisexual people, including that they are actually gay, not bi; that they are just experimenting or going through a phase; and that they are unfaithful partners. The institute supports surveys of bi folks’ sexual activity and mental health, as well as studies of bisexual people’s arousal. Yes, that means those funny studies in which researcher show study volunteers porn and measure how their volunteers react.

You might think that institute-funded research would be kind of boring, adherent to the party line: Bisexuality exists, guys! Bi-identified folks, for the most part, aren’t lying or actually gay! But the studies the Times article covers are fascinating, sophisticated looks into human sexuality.

There’s one researcher that’s looking into whether what makes some men identify as bi is their non-aversion to women. That is, when they’re watching porn with two men, they don’t lose steam when a woman joins in. Gay-identified men, on the other hand, may be the ones who won’t stand for a lady in the scene.


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