Man and Married Woman Make Sexual Pact to Strangle Her to Death, She Dies

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

In 1996, the olden days of online hookups, Sharon Lopatka found the man of her dreams on the Internet.

Granted, her dreams were unconventional.

Lopatka’s come-on involved just one “dimension of compatibility,” not eHarmony’s 29.

Posting in an newsgroup she asked, “Want to talk about torturing to death?” She added, “I hope you all don’t think I’m strange or anything.”

Some did, but at least one didn’t. And the story of how they got together and what happened when they did set a very high standard for Internet interpersonal nuttiness.

In that era before catfishing and dead make-believe online lovers, a news wire service felt compelled to spell out that things could get kinky between on computers. Knight Ridder explained, “The Internet has become a meeting place for people with an interest in sexual fetishes and practices.”

After five years of marriage, her Internet interests had grown darker. She began offering her used panties for sale and became a regular visitor to newsgroups and sex chat rooms. Using screen names like NanConcentric and Gina108, her posts focused on edgy, illicit themes like sexual torture and snuff sex.

When a newsgroup Samaritan expressed concern, Lopatka sniped, “I did not ask for you preaching to me.”

In August 1996, Lopatka began an online relationship with Bobby Glass, who posted under the screen name Slowhand from his corroded trailer near Lenoir, N.C.

Investigators said Lopatka made it clear in the messages that strangulation during sex was her ultimate fantasy. In turn, police said, Glass ‘described in detail how Slowhand was going to sexually torture … and ultimately kill her.”

On Oct. 13, Lopatka left a farewell note to her husband. She wrote, “If my body is never retrieved, don’t worry. Know that I’m at peace.”


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