Toddler Dies in Accident, Mother Walks in Front of Big Truck to Commit Suicide

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

An Ohio mother was so distraught after her son dιed while he was in her care that she took herMartin own life.

Authorities report that Kayelisa Martin, 20, was so upset after her 14 month old son died on Thursday that she became sυicidal.

A concerned family member called the police to help Martin while another went to the local fire station to report the deαth of the toddler.

None of the efforts were enough to save Martin, who was confirmed deαd at around 7:30pm after walking onto an interstate and getting hit by a semi-trailer truck.

Police had tried to locate Martin after arriving at the home but couldn’t find her. They were later informed that she’d passed away after getting hit by the trailer.

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