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ISIS terrorists have beheaded three men they accused of spying for the Iraqi Government in the latest bloody execution to be carried out within the organization’s self-declared caliphate. Photographs taken in north-west Iraq’s Nineveh province show the men being read their charges and sentence while masked gunmen stand guard.Forced to kneel with their heads bowed, an executioner then stands over them before striking at their necks with a sword.Public beheadings, stonings and other forms of executions have become commonplace throughout ISIS’ self-declared caliphate.

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Editor: The American Church needs to wake up to what’s going on through the world as the time of the Lord draws near yet many are yet asleep. U.S./European foreign policy strategies in the Middle East and Africa is hiding behind their beast known as ISIS/Al Qaeda and their child terror groups in order to disrupt whole nations who stand in the way of the Harlot mentioned in Revelation 17…

Christian migrants and refugees in Libya are at particular risk in Libya, both from armed groups aiming to impose their own interpretation of Islamic law and from the authorities and lawless gangs. Christians from Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt have been abducted, tortured and killed. Recently at least 49 Christians, mostly from Egypt and Ethiopia, were beheaded and shot in summary killings claimed by the Islamic State armed group.

Charles, 30, from Nigeria, told Amnesty he was forced to flee to Europe by boat last month after being abducted and assaulted a number of times by members of a criminal gang in the coastal city of Zuwara. He had gone there to escape indiscriminate shelling and fighting in Tripoli. He said:

“In Zuwara, sometimes young men would come to our house to steal our money. They would come with guns. As a black man, I cannot go to complain to the police. I went to complain at the police station twice but they did not believe me. They refused to listen to me. They call us slaves. I am a Christian and that’s why the men would always come to our house and attack us. We were three Christian Nigerians living in the same house … In October 2014 four men kidnapped me … because they saw I was carrying a bible.”

They took away his money and phone, and held him for two days while they tortured and beat him until he finally managed to escape one night through the window.

“Such horror stories about the dangers driving migrants and refugees to flee Libya highlight the continuing desperate need to save lives in the Mediterranean. European leaders must ensure that refugees and migrants fleeing conflict and human rights abuses are never pushed back to Libya,” added Phil Luther.

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Libya – Wave of Abductions, Torture and Gang Rape Is Driving Mediterranean Migrant Exodus – New Report

…Women, particularly those travelling alone or without men, are at serious risk of rape or sexual abuse by smugglers and criminal gangs. Women abducted along the smuggling route unable to pay ransoms are at times coerced into sex in exchange for being released or being allowed to continue their journey. One eyewitness told Amnesty: “I know that [the smuggler] used three Eritrean women. He raped them and they were crying. It happened at least twice.” Another woman from Nigeria described how she was gang-raped by 11 men from an armed gang as soon as she arrived in Sabha:

“They took us to a place outside the city in the desert, tied my husband’s hands and legs to a pole and gang-raped me in front of his eyes. There were 11 men in total.”

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Director Philip Luther said:

“The ghastly conditions for migrants, coupled with spiralling lawlessness and armed conflicts raging within the country, make clear just how dangerous life in Libya is today.

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Travel company Thomas Cook received a payout – claimed to be as much as £3.5million – following the deaths of two children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Corfu – 10 times more than the compensation the youngsters’ parents each received. It comes as the company was found to have breached its duty of care at an inquest last week. Bobby Shepherd, six, and his sister Christi, seven, died from carbon monoxide poisoning in 2006 after a faulty boiler leaked deadly gas into the room where they were staying.

The Mail On Sunday has revealed legal documents show Thomas Cook went to the high court to apply for compensation from the owner of the bungalow, Louis Hotels, where it had sent its guests to stay. It applied for the costs of media advisers to help limit the damage to its reputation, refunds and compensation it paid to guests and loss of profits. The children’s mother Sharon Wood told the paper: “It seems our children’s lives are only worth a fraction of Thomas Cook’s reputation.

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A Nigerian restaurant has reportedly been shut down after being accused of serving human flesh following the discovery of bags containing human heads in the kitchen. A report on the BBC’s Swahili service said police were alerted by local people who suspected something horrific was going on at the restaurant in the south-eastern province of Anambra.

The police raided the establishment and allegedly found the heads, dripping blood into plastic bags, and weapons including grenades. Ten people were arrested. One resident said: “I’m not surprised at the shocking revelation… Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel.

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