U.S., France, Britain, and Soviet Russia Practiced Systematic Slavery and Horror-Movie Style Torture Right After WWII

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American history has not been taught accurately at all, and everyone who took such a course, should seriously re-read the truth about not only the cruelties of the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade in Western countries prior to the American Civil War, but also the untold systematic enslavement of German citizens right after Hollywood propaganda glossed over the end of the dark World War II era with a “The End” blessing of America as a hero. There is considerable proof that the horrors of American slavery before Emancipation was a precursor (or practice) to the extreme atrocities of the world wars.

France, according to the International Red Cross, had 680,000 former German

soldiers slaving for her in August, 1946. 475,000 of their number had been

captured by the United States and later turned over to the French for forced

labor.[10] French treatment of her slave subjects is revolting to the civilized

conscience. In an article entitled, “We Should Not Resemble Them,” FIGARO


“In certain camps for German prisoners of war . . . living skeletons may be seen,

almost like those in German concentration camps, and deaths from

undernourishment are numerous. We learn that prisoners have been savagely

and systematically beaten and that some have been employed in removing mines

without protection equipment so that they have been condemned to die sooner or


“People, of course, will point to the Gestapo tortures, the gas chambers and the

mountains of human bodies found in the internment camps in Germany. But

these horrors should not become the theme of sports competition in which we

endeavor to outdo the Nazis. . . We have to judge the enemy, but we have a duty

not to resemble him.”[11]

Gathering his facts from numerous reliable sources, Louis Clair writes in THE

PROGRESSIVE of “the horrible conditions in the French camps of German

POW’s.” He says:

“In a camp in the Sarthe district for 20,000 prisoners, inmates receive 900

calories a day; thus 12 die every day in the hospital. Four to five thousand are

unable to work at all any more. Recently trains with new prisoners arrived in the

camp: several prisoners had died during the trip, several others had tried to stay

alive by eating coal that had been lying in the freight train by which they came.

“In an Orleans camp, the commander received 16 francs a day per head or

prisoner to buy food, but he spent only nine francs, so that the prisoners were

starving. In the Charentes district, 2,500 of the 12,000 camp inmates are sick. A

young French soldier writes to a friend just returned from a Nazi camp:

“‘I watch those who made you suffer so much, dying of hunger, sleeping on cold

cement floors, in no way protected from rain and wind. I see kids of 19, who beg

me to give them certificates that they are healthy enough to join the French

Foreign Legion. . . .

Yes, I who hated them so much, today can only feel pity for them.’

“A witness reports on the camp in Langres: ‘I have seen them beaten with rifle

butts and kicked with feet in the streets of the town because they broke down of

overwork. Two or three of them die of exhaustion every week.’

“In another camp near Langres, 700 prisoners slowly die of hunger; they have

hardly any blankets and not enough straw to sleep on; there is a typhoid epidemic

in the camp which has already spread to the neighboring village. In another camp

prisoners receive only one meal a day but are expected to continue working.

Elsewhere so many have died recently that the cemetery space was exhausted and

another cemetery had to be built.

“In a camp where prisoners work an the removal of mines, regular food supplies

arrive only every second day so that ‘prisoners make themselves a soup of grass

and some stolen vegetables.’ All prisoners of this camp have contracted

tuberculosis. Here and elsewhere treatment differs in no respect from the Nazi SS

brutality. Many cases have been reported where men have been so horribly

beaten that their limbs were broken. In one camp, men were awakened during

the night, crawled out of their barracks and then shot ‘because of attempted


“There are written affidavits proving that in certain camps commanding officers

sold on the black market all the supplies that had been provided by American

Army authorities; there are other affidavits stating that prisoners were forced to

take off their shoes and run the gauntlet. And so on, and so on . . . These are the


After we had delivered the first 320,000 prisoners, the French returned 2,474 of

them to us, claiming that we had given them weaklings. Correspondents

described them as “a beggar army of pale, thin men clad in vermine infested

tatters.” All were pronounced unfit for work – three-fourths of them on account of

malnutrition – and 19 per cent had to be hospitalized. Associated Press

photographer Henry Griffin, who had taken pictures of the corpses piled in all

German concentration camps, including Buchenwald and Dachau, said of the

men: “The only difference I can see between these men and those corpses is that

here they are still breathing.”[13]

Asked to investigate, the Red Cross reported the prisoners were receiving

inhuman treatment. Upon our threat to stop further transfers the French

protested that they must have more prisoners or suffer heavy financial loss. It

then came out that the French Government was hiring the men out to French

employers for which it collected regular union wages, an average of 150 francs per

day per man. Out of this, the government paid each prisoner 10 francs, and stood

their daily cost of upkeep of perhaps another 40 francs, leaving a daily net profit

of 100 francs per slave. In the aggregate the French Government thus stood to

make a profit of over 50 billion francs a year from its German slaves!” [14] No

wonder it became upset when we threatened to stop handing them over.

The British Government nets over $250,000,000 annually from its slaves. The

Government, which frankly calls itself the “owner” of the prisoners, hires the men

out to any employer needing men, charging the going rates of pay for such work –

usually $15 to $20 per week. It pays the slaves from 10 cents to 20 cents a day,

depending on the character of the work required, plus such “amenities” as slaves

customarily received in the former days of slavery in the form of clothing, food,

and shelter.[21] The prisoners are never paid in cash, but are given credits, either

in the form of vouchers for camp post exchange items or credits against the time

when they will be liberated. In March 1946, 140,000 prisoners were working on

farms, for which the Government collected $14 a week per prisoner, 24,000 on

housing and bomb damage clearance, 22,000 on railroads, mostly as section

hands, the balance at odd jobs, such as digging weeds out of the Thames river or

serving as menials for GI brides awaiting shipment to America.[22]

It must be emphasized, moreover, that many of the slaves were never German

soldiers. Many were civilian Germans held in America during the war, including

seamen picked up before we entered the war, former legal residents of the United

States, and persons brought here by force from Latin America for having pro-

German sentiments. Even anti-Nazi Germans who have voluntarily returned to

Germany from America to help the military government rebuild the destroyed

countries and to help families and friends in dire need have been nabbed for


Read the rest of the tragedy here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/232012636/Gruesome-Harvest-The-costly-attempt-to-exterminate-the-people-of-Germany

This same source also describes horror-filled situations such as a German woman having her infant crushed to death by a soldier because the screaming baby made distracted him as he was raping the woman! Also, some soldiers forced women prisoners of war to dig up corpses and kiss the gruesome corpses. Many were marched to death or made to labor to death. France made a huge profit from German slaves. Eisenhower (and FDR) was determined to kill every German man, woman and baby, and since America found a loophole in the Geneva Convention, every imaginable cruelty was foisted upon them, including theft of property, forcing them to move out of their homes into the elements (and adults and babies froze to death), and so on. It seems that the cruelties and tortures of American slavery were perfected against German citizens after the Satanic War. Anyone who calls himself a Christian and sanctions this kind of treatment of anyone, friend or foe, will deserve a special place in the Lake of Fire.

And now these astonishing evils are being delivered to Islamic men, women and children in 2015, with sex slavery the new kind of cruel slavery, men being dropped from tall buildings head first to their deaths, some burned alive or sawed in two, beheaded, sodomized. Truly sick. May the Lord come quickly…


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