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Dustin Jackson, Father, 37, described as a ‘teddy bear’ shot dead in Brooklyn at after-hours Jamaican club ‘half an hour after being robbed by the gunman who killed him’Dustin Jackson, 37, and friends were robbed in East New York at about 2am on Saturday.

The gunman returned half an hour later and opened fire into a crowd at an after-hours Jamaican club, Jackson’s family members said.

Jackson, who was enjoying his first Friday off work in a year, was hit by a bullet and taken to Brookdale University Hospital where he later died.

The subway platform cleaner was one of six people shot in five hours in New York City on Saturday morning – two of the others were also killed.

via Dustin Jackson shot dead in Brooklyn ‘after being robbed by man who killed him’ | Daily Mail Online.

Police say the two met at the El Sol Brillante Apartments at 6401 Sierra Blanca on Monday, June 29. While they were talking, the victim says Davis made a phone call, saying to the person on the other end that she was at the bottom of the stairwell.
Just then, the victim says two light-skinned black men who were armed with pistols approached and demanded money.

The victim says the two men searched him, but found no money and began to argue with Davis.

The men then reportedly told the victim to walk to his vehicle, which he did. But then, according to court documents, the victim turned to confront the men when one of them shot him in the chest.

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