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Richard Dawkins in a lecture in Reykjavík

Richard Dawkins in a lecture in Reykjavík (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Famed atheist and author of “The God Delusion” and “An Appetite for Wonder” Richard Dawkins has made some startling statements in regards to p*edophilia and how the unspeakable acts with children really do no harm to the victim.

Dawkins, who was s-xually abused at the age of 11 by his art teacher, told Times Magazine last week that abuse like he and his classmates suffered did “no lasting harm,” and that “mild p-dophilia” or “touching up” should not be classified as child abuse or any other harsh s-xual crime.

The controversial author stated in the interview that he and his classmates were fondled before they even hit puberty. The man who abused him and his friends even abused older men that he knew.