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A new challenge game is going viral. It’s about connecting with a dead spirit from Mexico named “Charlie.”

Fueled by thousands of videos from young people supposedly showing “contact,” the game is played by placing two pencils in the shape of a cross on a piece of paper with the words “yes” and “no.” Those present then repeat the phrase, “Charlie, Charlie can we play?” in order to make contact with the demon.

If “Charlie” is there, the pencils are said to move toward his answer.

If “present,” then questions of any kind are asked…and answered.

To end the game, players say, “Charlie, Charlie can we stop?”

If you are ever invited to play this game, don’t. In fact, flee the entire situation. Don’t even be present as an observer.

If you are a parent that catches even the slightest whiff of this in your child’s life, do quick intervention.

Because it’s not a game.

It’s the occult.

via Don’t Call Charlie – Dr. James Emery White Christian Blog.

Beyonce ‘Ghost’

It begins with a haunting chant, with a reference to the lizard demon Salamander. You’ll need to listen to it.


If the demonic look of darkness above is not obvious enough, notice the variations of Baphomet and the Devil’s face below (next images). Again, this is not an accident, but a deliberate sleight of hand use of video graphics to form the face of Baphomet and Satan using Beyoncé as a medium for making your mind view Satan and his demons as positive instead of the negative spirits they are:

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