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When people think of the Allied bombing of Germany, “Dresden” automatically springs to mind, surely not Wesel, Nürnberg or Würzburg or the hundreds of other obliterated German towns and cities. While people uselessly debate the death toll at Dresden, attention is diverted from the 45,000 to 50,000 civilians murdered in the bombing of Hamburg, the 10,000 people intentionally burned alive in Kassel, the fact that 20% of Nordhausen’s civilian population was killed in a mere fifteen minute attack or that one out of three Pforzheimers was murdered and thousands more hideously injured from an unnecessary bombing based on nothing more that a rumor.

We were led to believe that a campaign which dropped environmentally catastrophic bombs with the force of major earthquakes, bombs which actually changed weather patterns, endangered whole species of birds and insects and altered the shape of the map were all within the normal range of warfare and implemented for the “greater good” and carried out only in cases of sheer necessity to “shorten the war.” We accepted the faulty premise that the carefully planned incineration of thousands of innocent women and children was justified. We accepted the preposterous notion that there was only one villain in this conflict, one supreme face of evil which absolved all others of any wrongdoing.

via The Allied Terror-Bombing of German Cities During World War II.

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“”ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT” (One hell summons another). THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT VIOLENCE THAT CAUSES MORE VIOLENCE. It is about remembering all the bad a war brings, to everyone involved. It shows how pain, fear & anger wake up the BEAST, our fierce, primitive side. This video is NOT about hating Germans today, it is about NOT FORGETTING HISTORY. We should always study history, so that we can learn from mistakes & evolve while preserving our identity & culture.”