What the devil got into Beyonce? An Urgent Warning for Young Girls

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Based on some of the info we received from staffers who are fans of Beyonce and went to the December 9, 2013 Dallas concert (Mrs. Carter Tour), there were many young teenage girl fans in attendance with their mothers. For the most part, the concert was suitable for a general audience, despite the ego-oriented “queen of heaven” video and the dark monologue interlude where she used a seductive, almost haunting voice to describe the seductive lure of some mysterious power she wants to wield, asking “what if you had this power?” [By the way, the Queen of Heaven referenced in the Old Testament is a symbol of the Mother of Harlots called Mystery Babylon the Great in the Book of Revelation]

But the concert is not the problem. The online worldwide release of her new album Beyonce, accompanied with 17 new, but mostly very dark and disturbing videos just days later, is highly problematic.

But before this article discusses Beyonce’s new music and video releases, it is important to note that we love Beyonce and all the major artists we discuss. We want only the best for all of God’s children, but we also want to do our part to help protect all of your children from the powerful decision makers behind the scenes in Hollywood who are deliberately promoting very destructive, demonic behavior in every possible medium. Jesus Christ loves your little children, especially the daughters who are being specially targeted for sexual slavery, prostitution, and all manner of perversions.

Why Do Entertainers and Politicians Represent Demonic Influence With Hand Signs, Gestures and Poses?

The evil ones who run this world tap into the power of persuasion that major celebrities and politicians have in order to cast spells and put curses on the unsuspecting audience. Remember that Satan APPEARS as an angel of light, meaning that since he IS not an angel anymore, he can only pretend by using trickery and deception. Regarding satanic hand signs, here’s a good quote:

Actually, there is a slightly different meaning to the satanic hand gesture depending on which hand is used. If the right hand is used, the thumb will often go under the two middle fingers and represent the horned god of witchcraft. More commonly, the left hand gesture will have the thumb over the middle fingers and represent a signal of solidarity among those in the Occult. If you point the satanic hand at someone, it’s a way of placing a satanic curse.

It’s true that a large percentage of young people do not realize the true meaning of the satanic hand gesture and just assume that it’s the “cool” way of greeting a camera or expressing a will to win at sporting events. Japanese young people, especially, are totally naive about satanism and think it’s just the latest way to flash a 60’s style ‘peace’ symbol or it’s a variation on the “V” hand sign that is ubiquitous whenever young Japanese pose for a camera.

But many young people in America and Europe know exactly what the gesture means and use it because they are being drawn into satanism in a very seductive way through the example set by rock stars, especially heavy metal rockers, who are very often practicing satanists. The whole idea behind “Gothic” rock web sites and blogs is to suck young people into a kinky and somewhat depraved world where things dark or of a forbidden nature are bandied about and both sexes will wear black lipstick and black finger nail polish. Occult symbols are commonly posted at these web sites.

The average American has no idea how deeply satanism has infiltrated and permeated every strata of American society. Many high level politicians, world leaders, Hollywood entertainers, heavy metal rock stars, upper level military people, police chiefs, judges, doctors, lawyers, dentists, evangelical preachers, etc, etc.. You name a profession, and there are signifigant numbers of satanists within their ranks.


Back to Beyonce, aka Sasha Fierce aka Yonce now (her name she established during the concert tour). Is she the only major artists being influenced by Hollywood power brokers to promote very dark lifestyles? No. Other notable artists are Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kesha, Chris Brown, Kanye West (aka Yeezus), Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, R Kelly, Two Chains, and many others. Obviously, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have the ability to damage young girls like Beyonce, but since Beyonce has had a longer and more celebrated career, and the contrast between her innocent early career and the December 2013 release of her extremely dark album and videos, we chose to address her as a leading figure in this “pied piper” approach to luring children to Satan.

Other websites have done a decent or good job documenting Beyonce’s past moves towards the dark side:

So it comes an no surprise that, in 2013, the Devil having had 6,000 years to perfect his trickery, has recruited nearly the entire music industry to lead countless millions of teenagers and young adults down the path of death and destruction ending in the pit of Hell itself.

Tongue Wagging All The Rage Now

It seems that everywhere you look now on television and the Internet, the craze of sticking out the tongue is rampant. Perhaps you view it as a harmless frivolity, but in reality it is giving worship to the Hindu god, Kali.

 Kali God

Harmless, you say? It’s anything else but harmless. It is pure evil and it opens a door of worship of beings in the underworld.

“But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore. Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood…” Isaiah 57:3,4

The word of God likens people who do this to “sorceresses”, “adulterers”, and “whores”.

In these last days that we are living in, the powers of darkness and evil and beginning to openly emerge into our everyday lives. Take Beyonce’s performance at last year’s Super Bowl. It was filled to overflowing with satanic symbols and imagery, Illuminati hand signs, and sinister images created by her light show. But that was not the worst of it…

They are recruiting, they are active, and they want your children. Think about that the next time your child goes alone into their room, closes the door, and pounds their music into their brains for hours on end.


Do you allow your child to be influenced by her demonic music?

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11

In these last days that we are living in, the powers of darkness and evil and beginning to openly emerge into our everyday lives. Take Beyonce’s performance at this year’s Super Bowl. It was filled to overflowing with satanic symbols and imagery, Illuminati hand signs, and sinister images created by her light show. But that was not the worst of it…

As you will see in this video, Beyonce freely admits being possessed by a spirit she calls Sasha Fierce, and mentions her time and again in interviews over the span of multiple years. Producers of this video, Good Fight Ministries have this to say about her:

“Beyonce is one of the hottest artists on the scene today.
But as we’ll see, there is something sinister behind her success, as Beyonce even admits, and millions of fans are clueless as to who they are actually “worshiping.”

“I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am,” – Beyonce is pictured here wearing the classic goat’s head symbol used exclusively in Satan worship.


So as you can see from these quotes, Beyonce has exchanged her innocence for Hollywood fame and material success, and your children are the sacrificial lambs on the altar to this false god. In today’s entertainment industry, we see that darkness is celebrated. Movies have become darker, as noted by the Underworld movies, all of the latest comic hero movies like Thor and X Men, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit prequels, the Underworld movies and the wolf-vampire worship movies, and so on. Music videos have followed suit. The video for “Die Young” by Kesha is very blatant in its worship of Satan and embrace of all manner of darkness, upside down crosses, pentagram, orgies, defying authority, murder, and essentially the breaking of all the commandments.

Now let’s take a look at some demonic images from the set of Beyonce’s new videos released in Dec 2013. After that, we’ll look at demonic images from other major artist videos.

Beyonce as Queen of Heaven


Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

Notice the video opens with darkness in control on a desolate beach with waves of water washing ashore. The waters usually symbolizes some kind of baptism, a transformation being brought on shore.

3 2

Very revealing bikini showing much cleavage. An obvious promoting of sexuality and
lustful seduction.

4 5

A common theme among top female musician videos is the animal pose. This is no accident. It is a way to program young girls to act like animals sexually.

8 9

All Seeing Eye pose:

11 10

As you can see, there’s the constant theme of enjoying darkness and shadows:

12 13

The delta pose:


The “Shhh” hand sign of the god Harpocrates:


In this scene, Beyonce is throwing up the Satan’s horns sign while Jay Z is throwing up the 666 sign (which people think is the “Ok” symbol but is actually three 6s formed by separating the 3 left most fingers over an O formed with the thumb and the remaining finger (notice the shadow on Jay Z’s left shoulder):


Jewelry programming to entice young girls to worship jewels and materialism:


  1. Fart off says:

    You do realise that in the Drunk In Love video that you’re criticising, she’s singing about having sex with her HUSBAND don’t you?! The good lawd after all, he did say “Go forth and multiply” (Genesis 1) !!! Honestly, get a life.

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