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Ancient Child Sacrifice Ritual Resurrected as ‘Young Blood’ Age Rejuvenation Miracle Discovery

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Twin brothers Tyrelle (right) and Myrelle Lockett (left) were the masterminds of a sex trafficking and prostitution ring in Chicago, using social media and smartphones to lure teenage girls into their insidious business. The Lockett brothers, now 21, are both back in the system after becoming the first individuals arrested for human trafficking under Illinois law back in 2010.

The Daily Beast ran a profile on the Lockett brothers case which revealed that, despite their second chance, the twins still dove right back into becoming online pimps in 2012.

Using Facebook to recruit the underage sex workers, girls as young as 14 fell prey to the persistent whims of Tyrelle Lockett on the social media network. In fact, while on parole from his earlier case, Myrelle used online messaging to kidnap an 18-year-old woman. The woman, who was pregnant at the time, escaped by climbing a fence. Myrelle was later arrested for the crime.

JOS—The relative peace enjoyed by residents of Jos, Plateau State capital for some time was shattered, yesterday, as two bomb explosions ripped through Terminus Market in the city, killing no fewer than 118 persons and injuring several others . The Police, however, said that 46 were killed while 45 others were injured.The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), described the casualty rate of the blasts as catastrophic just as President Goodluck Jonathan, Governor Jonah Jang and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal condemned it.

The first blast, according to an eye witness, was said to have gone off in a Sienna space bus with number plate Plateau XB 146 BLD.The second blast was said to have killed more people than the first, as many residents and traders, who had fled the scene following the first explosion, tried to join rescue agencies to save the injured and retrieve bodies of the dead.At least five residents who were suspicious of a mysterious van parked in their area reportedly informed police officers but no police officer arrived at the scene, and nothing was done until the car exploded some hours afterwards.

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The Daily Mail is reporting that Michael Jace, an actor on The Shield, has allegedly shot his wife, April.  The two had been married for ten years.  Police are reporting that the shooting occurred in Los Angeles at the couple’s home.  They are also reporting that the couple’s two children were present in the home at the time of the shooting.  Mrs. Jace had a child from a previous relationship, but it is unclear where this child was at the time of the shooting.  Both of the Jace’s children are under 10 and were distraught after witnessing their mother’s death.


Jace called 911 and reportedly confessed to the shooting around 8:30 pm Monday evening.  When authorities arrived, Jace was taken into custody, and the children were taken to the local police station.  Authorities were reportedly angered by the fact that it took Children’s Services four hours to pick the children up from the police station to take them to a family member.  The children are currently placed in protective custody.

Jace is being held in custody with his bail set at $1 million.

Warning: Please be careful with this video as it is disturbing. 18 and over…

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Atlanta (CNN) — An 87-year-old Georgia woman, who was found dead in Lake Oconee 10 days after the discovery of her husband’s headless body, appears to have been killed before being dumped in the lake. It’s the latest twist in a grisly case that has baffled authorities.

Shirley Dermond did not drown but rather died from a “blunt impact injury to the head,” Putnam County Coroner Gary McElhenney said Saturday.

The coroner’s finding came a day after authorities pulled Dermond’s body from the lake about 80 miles east of Atlanta.

McElhenney did not offer any further details about what might have been used to kill her before she was placed in the water or whether she suffered any additional trauma.

The decapitated body of her husband, 88-year-old Russell Dermond, was discovered May 6 in the garage of the couple’s million-dollar waterfront home after friends went to check on them.