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Dallas – A housekeeper in an upscale, posh North Texas community of Colleyville just north of Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport was doing her usual duties at a home when, according to police, a father and son duo from Houston, 250 miles south of the Dallas area, drove to the same Colleyville neighborhood, after a $1 million insurance policy was randomly taken out on the housekeeper, secretly stalked her to learn her routine habits, then assassinated her by stabbing her multiple times and inflicting severe trauma to her body. In an ironic twist, the father, Gerard Gorman, died of natural causes, while the son, Bernard, fled to Florida before getting arrested February 17, 2015. The insurance agent might be under a cloud of suspicion, and state and federal law enforcement officials are investigating if others were involved.

via Police: Colleyville housekeeper killed in $1 million insurance scam.