Women’s Lingerie Retooled for Men

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Homosexuality

Pray for the deliverance of the world in these last days. Here’s the website: http://www.hommemystere.com/

No folks, I wasn’t joking. It’s bad enough that our children are being taught that homosexuality is a “normal and healthy” sexual practice and if you “feel” like being a woman on any given day, that’s alright too, but this goes so far beyond any “normal” way of thinking…it literally staggers the imagination. This is just one more giant step in the emasculation of men.You might be familiar with the floral Japanese male bra that popped up online last week, leaving people confused and amused in equal measure. You probably said to yourself, “This has to be a joke- f*ck-off isn’t this real.” Well it IS and there’s a market of men who enjoy wearing feminine-looking undergarments and not because they want to look more like women (sorry ladies). This is the new “masculine” look for men

via [R U READY FOR THIS ?] Shops Are Now Selling Frilly Bras And Panties Designed Specifically For Men ⋆ UFP NEWS.

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