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Beyonce ‘Ghost’

It begins with a haunting chant, with a reference to the lizard demon Salamander. You’ll need to listen to it.


If the demonic look of darkness above is not obvious enough, notice the variations of Baphomet and the Devil’s face below (next images). Again, this is not an accident, but a deliberate sleight of hand use of video graphics to form the face of Baphomet and Satan using Beyoncé as a medium for making your mind view Satan and his demons as positive instead of the negative spirits they are:

305 306 309 307 308


Beyoncé – Bow Down (I Been On)

The song has haunting sounds, almost as if made for chanting. Note the obvious jewelry programming:



Programming involving the mirror and the mask:


24 25

Beyoncé – XO

Notice the Hello Kitty kind of look. It’s meant as a lure for young girls.

26 27

The crucifixion pose:


Hello Kitty look along with money (goal: to lure young girls to sex slavery and materialism, the combination of which usually leads to prostitution, stripping or seeking older men for money)


In music videos, the use of cages is a symbol of bondage and domination, usually in reference to sex slavery:


This next frame came out of nowhere. Notice the hand signs:


Beyonce Haunted

In the next image, notice the bubbles, which is a subliminal mind control object that the mind processes without young teens noticing. Also notice the tongue being stuck out, which is in homage to the god Kali:


The next image shows doll programming:


Obvious sex slave programming:

34 35

Black and white colors brought together in videos and movies subconsciously means that good and evil need each other and must co-exist:

36 37

Sex slavery and the arrow from the crouch down to Beyonce in the TV (another mind programming technique, almost as if Beyonce has horns above her head):


Obvious homage to Satan’s Baphomet with the black hand fan:


The haunting, spirit of darkness look. Nothing subtle about that:


Doll programming again, this time with real women and a mirror to the left, showing submission to sexual bondage (6 red drapes over 3 white curtains, possibly 3 sixes?):


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